About the training retreat

This year (2018) Joan Halifax Roshi will visit the Netherlands for the third time. From September 4 to September 9 she will lead a training retreat in collaboration with Frank de Waele Roshi and Irène Kaigetsu Kyojo Bakker Sensei.

You are welcome to participate!

The training retreat will take place in Cadzand, in the southwest of the Netherlands, very near to the sea and not far from Belgium.

Throughout the training retreat we will have the opportunity to meet other participants and to work together. Our mornings are in silence. There will be silent meditation, possibility for practice interview with Frank De Waele and Irène Bakker, samu (working meditation) and council circles. The workshops with Joan Halifax – in which we will explore the theme of the retreat through teachings and exercises –  take place in the afternoon and in the evening. After roshi’s evening presentation we will go back into the silence.

The main question in Joan Halifax’s new book “Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom where Fear and Courage meet ” will also be the main question in our retreat: how can we respond to suffering, live our fullest lives, and remain open to the full spectrum of human experience?

It will be a powerful exploration of how to find the freedom we seek for others and ourselves. We use a contemporary approach to the teachings of Buddhism and discover how it can provide greater compassion and wisdom in our lives. We also examine how to stand at our edges so we can discover who we really are and open ourselves to the full range of human experience.

Joan Halifax has identified five psychological territories she calls Edge States – altruism, empathy, integrity, respect, and engagement – that epitomize strength of character. Yet each of these states can also be the cause of personal and social suffering. In this way, these five psychological experiences form edges, and it is only when we stand at these edges that we become open to the full range of our human experience and discover who we really are.

Through research on compassion, and through the experiences of many people, incorporated with the wisdom of Zen traditions and mindfulness practices, we open up perspectives on how compassion is the pivot out of the shadow side.

Meditation, discussion, teachings are part of this intensive program.

Zen Peacemakers Lage Landen organizes this training.

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