Through this page we want to give those who want to share rides the opportunity to get in touch with each other.
We facilitate this page – we play no part in bringing you together or work things out.
So if you are looking for a ride, or if you can take some passengers in your vehicle, you can make an announcement here.
You may want to work out a (financial) compensation together.

In your announcement take note:

  • whether you need or offer a ride;
  • where you are travelling from, or which other pick-up point(s) will suit you;
  • your email address

This page will only be accessible to people who have subscribed for the training retreat.

21 thoughts on “Carpooling”

    1. Hello, Miekie! My name is Thilda, I lieve in Guatemala, but will be in Austria and Germany before our Retreat, probably somehow around Duesseldorf, like Dortmund or Gelsenkirchen, I hope for a Flixbus to Arnhem, just like to let you know that I am very interested!
      Thnak you for your offer! Thilda

  1. Hi everybody, I live in Oss, between Nijmegen and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Perhaps I can join you, Miekie? You will probably be passing Oss on your way to Cadzand? We could meet at a car park nearby?

  2. Hi everybody, I live in Utrecht and am looking for a ride. Is there anybody coming from Utrecht or passing through?

  3. Hi everybody, I live in Amsterdam and am also looking for a ride. Though it is possible to go by train/boat/bus to Cadzand it would be nice if I could join somebody who drives over there. Thanks a lot.

      1. Beste Marjolein,
        Graag wil ik dan met jou meerijden. Tzt hoor ik dan wel hoe laat je wil gaan. Hgrt, Vincent

  4. Hello everybody,
    I can take 3 people in my car. I’m coming from Friesland (Sneek). It is possible to pick someone up on the way.
    Have a good trip everybody and drive careful!

    1. Beste Fenna
      Ik rij graag met je mee, ik woon in Groningen en kan met de trein naar Assen komen. Groet Pauli

    2. Dag Fenna, ik rij graag met je mee . Ik woon in Groningen, maar kan met de trein naar Assen komen. Groet Pauli

  5. Dag, ik vertrek vanaf Haarlem. Pick-up bij Kiss and ride aan achterkant van station. Ik tijd in een goed fiesta en heb 3 plaatsen beschikbaar indien beperkt bagage.

  6. Tilda , is Okay! Sorry for so late answering.. Nice to meet you already. For timing Exactly we can phone? My nummer is 06 7639464.
    Nice !
    Brigitte, Oss is not on the way. Probably you can catch a train to Arnhem, Let’s phone !
    Marijke , leuk ! Laten we bellen tegen die tijd.
    Patrick If you Will take a train to Arnhem?
    Them I can puck you up

  7. Miekie, thank you so very much from Thilda!!! Happy to join you, will let you know more later, come by Flixbus from around Dortmund, happy day, adios

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