Frank De Waele Roshi

Frank De Waele Roshi is a Zen teacher in the lineage of Catherine Genno Pagès Roshi and Bernie Glassman Roshi. He leads the Zen Sangha in Gent with active local groups in Antwerp, Brugge, Brussels, Geraardsbergen, Leuven, Lier, Mol, Kortrijk, Boxtel and Bergen-op-Zoom.

Frank is spirit holder of the Zen Peacemakers Lage Landen.

In 1987, Frank started practicing Zen in the sangha of master Deshimaru. He also practiced with the Dutch Zen teacher Ton Lathouwers. In 1991 he met Catherine Genno Pagès Roshi, spiritual leader of the Dana sangha in Paris, who gave him dharma transmission in 2005. Frank Roshi is closely involved in the Zen Peacemakers movement, led by Bernie Glassman Roshi. In 2015, he received the final recognition of the dharma (inka) of Genno Roshi and Bernie Roshi in Krakau.