Irène Bakker Sensei

Irène Kaigetsu Kyojo Bakker Sensei is a Zen teacher in the lineage of Joan Halifax Roshi, Bernie Glassman Roshi and Maezumi Roshi. She leads Zen Spirit, with active sanghas in Groningen, Arnhem and Friesland.

Irène is spirit holder of the Zen Peacemakers Lage Landen.

Irène Sensei started practicing Zen in 1986 with Genpo Merzel Roshi and became a dharma holder in 2001. She met Joan Halifax Roshi in Auschwitz in 1996 and then became engaged in the Being with Dying program for professionals and the zen training with Joan Halifax Roshi at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA).

In March 2012, Irène received dharma transmission by Joan Halifax Roshi. Roshi Joan then gave her the dharma name ‘Kaigetsu’ (Ocean Moon) in addition to ‘Kyojo’ (Jeweled Mirror Samadhi), the buddhist name that was given to her by Genpo Merzel Roshi at her Jukai ceremony in 1989.